Garden of Dreams May 4,2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Garden Tours 2013

Garden Tours 

Another year of Garden Tours has ended - WOW -what a year! Seventeen -yes 17 Fundy Gardeners + friends generously opened their gardens for us to explore and enjoy. Each garden had its own magic -whether it be formal, English country, higgledy piggledy, big or small - each one reflected the personality of its owner(s) and was therefore a special place indeed!

Sunday's sale, tour and BBQ at Duncan and Betty's was the icing on the cake - all I can say is "well done" as you both have worked so hard to create a colorful sanctuary on the hill. We wish you many hours of "sitting" in your new outdoor rooms!

Many thanks to one and all for sharing your piece of paradise - and let's not forget the tasty treats which also awaited us each week - gardeners know how to keep everyone happy! 
Until next year........keep planting!!!

Cheerio....Lynn Kinsella Garden Tours Coordinator 

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